Want To Buy A Concession Trailer? How To Know Exactly What You Need

A concession trailer business is a dream of many because of the portability and ability to go to any event around town. But buying a concession trailer should not be taken lightly. If you're just starting your first food business, approach buying the trailer carefully so that you know exactly what you need. If you don't get those details into place first, you could end up with a trailer that is the wrong size or that does not have the configuration for the equipment that you need.

Shelf-Stable, Refrigeration, or Freezers?

If you're looking for a replacement trailer, you'll already know the answer to this. But if you are looking for a trailer for the first time for a new food business, make sure you know exactly what equipment and type of food storage you'll really need. For example, you might think you'll need only refrigeration, but it could turn out that you need freezers as well for what you plan to sell. And, even if you don't need anything special for the food, you're going to need cooling power for yourself and anyone else working in the trailer in summer.

Towed Trailer or Truck?

A concession trailer brings to mind a towable trailer that doesn't have an engine of its own for movement. However, you will find food trucks for sale among those towed trailers, too. A food truck eliminates the need to hook the trailer up to another vehicle, and the trucks usually have more space and power. What you need to think about is how much preparation will be done in the trailer. If you were hoping for a full kitchen with grills and refrigeration, for example, a food truck might make more sense. If you were planning on selling only popcorn, though, a smaller trailer could be fine.

How Small Are You Thinking?

If you decide that you want a true trailer, something that you tow behind another vehicle, how small do you want to go? Many trailers are of a decent size, but mini trailers are also available. These are great for sales that do not require refrigeration or freezing to preserve supplies, and the smaller size makes them much lighter. But be aware of two things. One is that the lighter weight makes the trailer more susceptible to strong winds, so double-check how to stabilize the trailer. The second thing is that these mini trailers tend to be very cute, and that does affect how people see the business operating out of the trailer. If you're selling candy or crafts, this could be a great choice.

Concession trailers for sale come in many sizes and configurations that you should start looking at what you want now. Narrow down the choices so that it's easy for you to find the trailer that will fit your needs quickly.