An Appliance Repair Service Can Fix Your Microwave When The Door Won't Open

It's frustrating when you need your microwave to cook something for breakfast, but the door won't open. There are a few things that can cause this problem if your microwave has a typical push-button door. One thing to keep in mind is that a microwave holds voltage even if it's unplugged, so if you don't know what you're doing, it's better to call an appliance repair service to figure out the problem and fix it. Plus, an appliance repair service has the parts needed so repairs can be done fast. Here are some problems that keep the microwave door from opening.

The Problem Could Be With The Button

When you want to open the door, you push a button on the side of your microwave and the door pops open. Parts involved in making this happen include the button, springs in the button, a lever, an actuator, and a latch. If any of these parts go bad, pushing the button won't do anything to open the door. You might tell by how the button feels when you press it if the problem is with the button or with a part it controls.

The Cover Must Come Off The Microwave

Before the appliance repair service does any work, they unplug the microwave. Then they need to take off the cover of the microwave to reach the parts behind the panel. This involves unscrewing the cover and then pulling off the panel that covers the controls. Once that's off, the repair technician can see all the parts that control the door to determine which one is bad.

Some of the parts are made of plastic and they can get worn out or brittle and break when your microwave gets older. When the appliance repair service finds the bad part, they can remove it and locate an appropriate part for a replacement.

The Technician Replaces The Bad Part

An appliance repair service should carry parts with them that commonly wear out, but if not, they can probably get them quickly from their shop. If your microwave isn't too heavy and it's easily portable, you might take it to the repair shop. However, microwaves can be heavy, and you don't want them to get damaged in transport. Plus, a built-in microwave might be too difficult to get out.

That's no problem since an appliance repair service will come to your house and do the work. Replacing parts in a microwave can be a little challenging since space is so tight, but the technician can put the new part in and test your microwave to make sure the door opens freely again. For more information on appliance repair, contact a company near you.