Three Glass-Top Stove Cover Materials

If you have a glass-top stove in your kitchen, there are a handful of accessories that you'll want to learn about. One popular device is a stove cover, which you place on the surface of the stove when you're not using it. People use this device for different purposes. Some people enjoy how the cover can turn the top of the stove into a workstation for food preparation, while others favor how a cover can protect the stove's glass top from getting damaged. When you begin to shop for a glass-stop stove cover, you'll see that there are lots of different products on the market. Here are three materials that you'll come across. 


Silicone is a popular material in the kitchen. You might have silicone oven mitts, a silicone baking sheet, and a silicone spatula. This material is useful because of its resistance to heat, which makes it a popular choice as a stove cover. Even if the stove is hot, you can place a silicone cover directly on it while it cools. Silicone stove covers are available in lots of different styles. You might want a subtle color, such as gray or black, that blends into the look of the kitchen. Alternatively, you may feel that a bright color, such as blue or red, adds a vibrant look to this part of your home.


There are also lots of wooden glass stove covers on the market. You won't want to put one of these covers on the top of the stove until it has cooled down, but you may find that wood is the best choice for your kitchen because of the look of this material. For example, a lot of kitchens have wooden cabinets and floors, and it can be easy to find a stove cover that has a similar appearance. Some wooden stove covers are even distressed slightly, which can offer a rustic look that many people find appealing.


You can also expect to see different stove covers that are made of various types of fabric. A cover that is woven or knitted can provide a soft look that works in the kitchen. Like wood, you'll want to wait until the stove has cooled before you put a fabric cover in place. Once you have the cover down, it can provide a soft area that you can use in all sorts of ways, from stacking plates for guests to grab to covering with a cutting board to use for dicing vegetables.

For more information on glass-top stove covers, contact a local kitchen equipment supplier.