Equipment Needed For A New Laundromat

Wanting to steadily make money and not need to manage a lot of employees may have led you to purchase a commercial building that will be converted into a laundromat. Consider what types of equipment will fit in the space that you have and that will offer your customers several washing and drying options.

Coin- And Card-Operated Equipment

Washing machines and dryers that are sold through a commercial equipment distributor will either be coin or card-operated. A coin-based unit will require that the change collection cups are emptied occasionally. You will also need to provide your clients with a viable way to exchange their paper money for coins. This could involve either having a clerk on the laundromat's premises or installing a change machine.

Machines that contain coin readers will not require as much monitoring but will necessitate an initial investment to have a reader hooked up to each machine and connected to the software that you will use to monitor sales. 

Space Constraints, Damage Prevention, And Customer Satisfaction

A decent-sized laundry facility may provide room for a mix of small and large washers and dryers. Top loaders contain agitators, and front-loading equipment do not. The amount of time that it takes for clothing to be laundered may differ, depending upon if you have top loaders or front loaders available for use.

The agitator within a top loader may prevent large area rugs, comforters, and other bulky items from fitting adequately inside of the washbasin. The agitator could damage delicate fabrics if bulky items are forced inside of a unit and don't have enough room to move around. To prevent damage, consider offering plenty of top- and front-loading equipment.

If you would like to maximize the amount of vertical space that is used within your facility, purchase front loading equipment that can be stacked. The option of stacking is not possible with top loading equipment.

To appease your customers, purchase appliances that will hold varying cubic feet of laundry. This will allow those who have small loads to choose one of your smaller, cheaper models and those with large loads to use a heavy-duty machine that is equipped to hold a large amount of laundry. Dryers also come in various sizes. Dryers can be installed along one or two walls within your facility. Chairs, vending equipment, and tables are some additional items that you can add to the laundry room's setting.

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