Freezer Case Fog Prevention Tips

Customers may frequently open the doors to the upright freezers displayed in your grocery store, to get a better look at the products that are on display. One of the drawbacks associated with this shopping method is that doors may become covered with fog. Use some of the strategies listed below to aid with preventing the buildup of condensation.

Anti-Fog Films

Water droplets are often attracted to glass. When droplets are scattered across the glass and continuously come into contact with warmer air than where the droplets originated, a foggy coating can form. An anti-fog film is a product that is formulated with chemicals that will discourage droplets from forming. This type of film is often sold by some businesses that sell case parts.

The film is cut to size and secured to the interior side of the glass. When moisture forms, water lays flat on the glass. The end result is that a haze will not be present, even after several customers open and close a freezer door. Some film products contain an adhesive layer. Others require a squeegee or a similar tool to secure the film to glass surfaces.


The gaskets that are secured to the doors are mainly responsible for creating a seal. Due to a door being opened numerous times, a gasket will eventually wear out. A gasket seal may need to be replaced if freezer doors are yanked open regularly. Inspect each freezer door that comprises your grocery store's frozen and fresh food sections.

Make a list that contains the serial numbers of the doors that require new gasket seals. Refer to your list and purchase the replacement gasket materials through a case parts supplier. Coincide the installation of each new gasket with routine cleaning that is being performed within each freezer case. Clean, dry cases are less prone to damage than ones that are dirty and wet.

Open-Air Models

Open-air freezer models do not contain doors. These types of freezers include models that stand upright and lay horizontally. A horizontal freezer model will use less energy than an upright one, due to gravitational force. If you choose an upright model, you can use clear plastic strips to aid with reducing the amount of energy that the appliance uses.

These types of strips are flexible and transparent. They are designed to be secured along the front of many appliance models. Customers can still reach in and grab what types of products they desire without the strips getting in their way. Condensation will not form on the strips. 

Keep these tips in mind when looking for parts, such as Hussmann case parts, for your freezers.