Should You Get A Top Or Front Load Washing Machine?

Are you getting ready to buy a new washing machine for your home, but you are undecided between a top and front load variation? If so, it will help to know the following things before you make a decision. 


When you look at the costs of a front and top load washer, know that there is a wide range of price points with all types of models. However, top load washers do tend to be cheaper overall when you are comparing two similar models. In addition, the cost of maintenance over time can be cheaper for a top load washing machine, since it is easier to repair than its front-load counterpart. 


There are a few metrics you need to look at to determine which machine is more efficient. When it comes to energy, the top load washing machine will be more efficient based on how much electricity the appliance uses. However, the front load washing machine does a better job when it comes to water use since it uses less water overall since a huge tub does not need to be filled. In terms of time efficiency, you'll find that top load washing machines may be a little bit faster overall, but there are some front load washers that have speed washing cycles. 


Think about where you put your washer and dryer in your home. A top load washing machine must have the top of the unit accessible, so you cannot place anything on top of it. Meanwhile, a front load washing machine can actually be stacked on top of a dryer. This means that the combination of both units can take up less space, and even go in a closet. 

Ease of Load

The ease of loading your washing machine will really depend on your personal preferences. One thing to consider is that a top load washing machine is going to be harder for small people and children to load on their own. If your arms are not long enough, you may struggle to get those items out of the bottom of the washing machine. A front-load washing machine doesn't have this issue, since it will be easy for anyone to load and unload.


There is no clear winner in terms of which washing machine is going to clean your clothes better. However, know that a top load washer with an agitator is going to be rougher on your more delicate clothing. A front load washer is going to be a bit more gentle due to how the clothing tumbles around in the machine.  

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