How To Know If Your Outdoor Grill Is Big Enough

Outdoor grilling can be a lot of fun, especially if you have a lot of guests to feed. It can be satisfying to cook up whatever your guests want on a grill, but you might find it difficult to feed a large party when your grill isn't big enough.

Beware of Small Grills

A small grill is only suitable for when you want to cook a small and intimate meal. You might try to place a larger number of items on the grill to get the most out of your smaller grill, but these food items won't cook as well and will not taste as good. 

When determining whether or not a grill will be able to fit everything you want to cook, you should calculate the width and length of the grill. It's also important to take into consideration any full or half shelves. 

Different Heat Zones

You will need to consider all the different food items you would typically cook on your grill and make sure that there is enough space for each section. You'll want to consider how hot each item needs to be cooked and whether each section needs its own burner. Grills will usually have at least two burners, but you might need several more.

With at least three burners, you will be able to create low, medium, and hot zones. You'll have the easiest time doing this if the burners are lined up from to back. The burners can be set to different temperatures so you can make sure that the burgers are well done and the hot dogs aren't overcooked. If you want to cook steak, you might need an infrared or sear burner so that you will be able to get the best results. 

You might also need side burners for heating certain items such as sauces and cheeses. You do not have to always use them, but they can be useful to have depending on what you are cooking. However, you might simply choose to use a separate portable side burner because the side burners found on grills can be more difficult to control.


The headspace affects the vertical space above the meat when the lid is closed. You will need adequate headspace so that you are able to cook certain items such as a turkey. When you have thought of everything, you'll be ready to use your grill for any cookout. 

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